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Photo by @CarltonWard | A female Florida black bear sniffs the air while crossing a cypress strand in Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. These waters are part of the Fakahatchee Strand, which naturally drains the western Everglades toward Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the Gulf of Mexico. Four million acres of contiguous protected land in South Florida provide key habitat for wide-ranging species, including bears and panthers. Whether we protect enough of the Florida Wildlife Corridor to keep the Southern Everglades connected to the Northern Everglades will determine whether the Everglades watershed can be restored the endangered wildlife, such as the Florida panther, will have access to enough land to recover. Part of my #pathofthepanther project with @insidenatgeo. Please follow @carltonward for more. #floridawild @fl_wildcorridor #keepflwild #bear #fakahatchee @ilcp_photographers @natgeoimagecollection